Ever asked “Where’s a good local electrician?  Who does building renovations around Gundaroo? Is there an after-school care or playgroup, or Scouts, or cricket team? What Facebook groups are used in Gundaroo?

The answers are all on the Community and Business Directories in www.gundaroo.org 

Gundaroo is no sleepy-hollow…with 40 community groups on the Community Directory.

Fig. 1. Some of the 40 community groups listed in the Gundaroo Community Directory

Then there’s a whopping 65 Businesses associated with Gundaroo. Amazing hey?

Fig. 2. The top of the list of 65 local Businesses on the Gundaroo Business Directory

Did you know? Businesses that advertise in the Gundaroo Gazette automatically qualify to be listed on the Gundaroo Business Directory, for no extra cost. That makes their advertisements live 24 x 7.

Some businesses choose to feature their organisations with a fixed Featured page which summarises why they are terrific, any important notices, how to contact them and links to everything they own – such as names of key contacts, phone numbers, website, or social media links (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) if they exist.  For some smaller local businesses who may not have an active website the Gundaroo Featured page is a great and cheap alternative to a dedicated website.  For as little as $100/year the community website maintains the Business Featured page and its directory listing.  This compares very well with commercial websites which can cost thousands of dollars. 

Fig. 3. Some of local Businesses Featured on the Gundaroo Business Featured Page

The Directories are searchable too – just type in any word or phrase and see what comes up.

Fig. 4. Searching for “Horse” brings up these three local businesses

If that’s not impressive enough, the website goes much further and provides local news (What’s Trending); A Brief History of Gundaroo (What’s Past) and the Historical Society and Genealogy pages;  a What’s on section with a Calendar of Events; and an online version of the  latest The Gundaroo Gazette and links to its earlier issues.

Administered by a subcommittee of the Gundaroo Community Association with a small team known as the Community Website Sub-committee (CWSC), this active website www.gundaroo.org is a terrific resource for the entire community with monies from local businesses advertising in the Gazette, featuring on the Gundaroo Featured Pages, or appearing on Business of the Month helping to promote the entire community. 

Community Organisations have Featured pages on www.gundaroo.org at no charge.  


It’s easy to Register your organisation or Update your Page

Contact us by Leaving Feedback on the website, we’d love to hear from you.


The Community Website Sub-committee (CWSC)


A sub-committee of the Gundaroo Community Association