Gundaroo Rural Fire Brigade (NSW Rural Fire Service)

Important Notice


No fires are to be lit for the purpose of hazard reduction without obtaining a Fire Permit.

Always ring OOO (triple zero) if there is an emergency!

Dec 24:  Christmas Eve with Santa and Raffles!  See below…


To get ready read on below…

Community Group Description

Did you know we were Community Group of the Month for November?.. see here

Community Group Information:

Gundaroo Rural Fire Brigade is your local volunteer fire brigade that has been a part of the Gundaroo community for over 85 years! Here are some of our stats:

We have over 70 members including both active firefighters and support volunteers who help out behind the scenes during emergency responses and with community education and fundraising activities throughout the year.

Our brigade zone stretches from Gundaroo to the Federal Highway on Lake George and borders Bellmount Forest, Sutton and Back Creek. We cover a broad range of terrains including the township of Gundaroo, agricultural properties and native bushland and respond to bush fires, structural fires and motor vehicle accidents to name a few.

We have fire trucks based at the fireshed in Gundaroo and down on the Federal Highway at Geary’s Gap. We have several different sized trucks from the smallest truck, a CAT9 Toyota Landcruiser to the large CAT1 a CAT2 tankers – all fitted out with firefighting equipment for a range of jobs.

How do we help you?

We come a callin’ when you ring 000!

That’s right – all NSW RFS brigades are an emergency service resource that can be dispatched in response to a 000 call, just like the police, ambulance and fire and rescue.

Our volunteers are trained and qualified to undertake a range of activities to support the Gundaroo and surrounding communities – and that’s not just battling bush fires like in the old days!

We are trained to undertake defensive firefighting to protect buildings and infrastructure, bush and grass fires and attend motor vehicle accidents. We are also trained to undertake preventative activities like back burning and hazard reduction burning to reduce the risk of fire.

But not only are we firefighters! We are first aid trained, in both physical and mental health first aid. We also have members who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the wheels oiled and the train a-moving – from maintaining truck and firefighter equipment, running interactive training sessions to keep our skills fresh, to community education, fundraising events and social events with our community.

Fire fighting is an all year-round job! 😊 But we wouldn’t have it any other way!

How can you be prepared?

While we would love to, we can’t do it alone! While we train as much as we can and are ready to respond whenever you need us, we can only do so much – so the more we can help you be prepared the better!

GET READY:  Are you ready for the fire season?

Our brigade provides local residents with information to help prepare for the upcoming Fire Season.

Feel free to talk to us about your Bush Fire Survival Plan, preparation of your home and property. Email us to arrange a time to meet or we may visit you.  If you are new to the area you can get a “New Resident Welcome Pack” and talk to us about any other concerns. We want you to have valuable information to help you and your family be prepared in the event of a bushfire.

You can also get started right now before you seek our local advice – just go  here

The main message from our Get Ready Campaign is to keep preparing your home and property for the prospect of a bushfire, and be ready for fast-moving grass fires with the record amount of grass that is around!
Yes, the grass is lush and green now. But as summer progresses, the grass will dry off (cure) and become fuel for fires.

Keep mowing and slashing. Give overhanging branches around your house a trim and allow clearance for fire trucks in your driveway.

Remove materials that burn, clear debris from gutters, and prepare a hose or hoses long enough to reach around your home.

Clearly display your property number on your gate, house or letterbox.

Display your blue/white sign for Static Water Supply (SWS). These signs are available from Deputy, Andrew Nicholls (0414 824 176) or Yass Fire Control Centre (6226 3100).

With your family, discuss, review or make your Bush Fire Survival Plan, visit .

For more information to help you prepare:

Bush Fire Information Line: 1800 679 737 (NSW RFS)       Bush Fire Alert Levels:

Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Bans:

Download or update on your phone the Fires near Me app and activate My Watch Zone.

We are now in the Bush Fire Danger Period!

The Bush Fire Danger Period officially commenced 1 October 2021. No fires are to be lit for the purpose of hazard reduction without obtaining a Fire Permit.

You can obtain a free Fire Permit by contacting one of our Permit Officers, Michael Cliff 0428494403, Nick Drew 0411410903, Andrew Nicholls 0414824176 or David Robinson 0414369214.

Once you have obtained a Fire Permit, and at least 24 hours before lighting up, you must notify Yass Fire Control online at and notify your surrounding neighbours. DO NOT use Facebook to notify, it is not sufficient.

Note though that Fire Permits are not required for fires for the purpose of cooking food, provided that the fire is in a permanently constructed fireplace, at a site surrounded by ground that is cleared of all combustible materials for a distance of at least two metres all around, and the fire is completely extinguished before leaving.  Have a water source, fire blanket or fire extinguisher on hand too.


What do I do on Total Fire Ban Days?

On Total Fire Ban Days, the lighting of any fire is prohibited and your Fire Permit is automatically suspended. Always take care and remain vigilant when conducting your burn, and in an emergency, ring Triple Zero (000).

You can find out when a Total Fire Ban Day is declared on the NSW RFS website:


How do I know what fires are happening in my area?

The NSW RFS’s free Fires Near Me app is available for download via the App Store or Google Play. You can also access it via the NSW RFS website:

It’s a fantastic way to know what is happening around you – you can also setup your own watch zones and notifications. We recommend you take the time to familiarise yourself with using the app so you can stay in touch with what’s is happening in your area so you can consider how that may impact you and your family and friends.

What else is the brigade up to?

Christmas Eve with Santa and Raffles
Despite COVID-19, we still aim to replicate previous years with Santa Claus in our fire truck giving out pre-packaged lollies to children on
Christmas Eve Dec 24. From 6pm Santa will be driven around the Village throwing lollies to children in their driveways, maintaining 1.5m distancing,
and finishing at the Pub. We ask the Community to stay in their driveways and not congregate at the showground, fire shed etc. ― remember
to be COVID safe! Parents/carers must supervise children.

We will be having a raffle at the pub after the Santa Run from around 7pm.

Please ensure you check-in at the pub if you want to visit Santa when he stops there. We thank our Community in advance for your ongoing support.

Fire Station Visit
Every year the Brigade takes a truck to Gundaroo School and teaches the children, staff and parents about fire safety and the importance of an
evacuation drill. We have handouts, and the children have fun knocking down pretend flames with the fire hoses. This year we are planning for
classes to visit our Fire Station for some hands-on learning and fun.

Get Ready Day and Belconnen Bunnings Sausage Sizzle.

On Sat November 20 we hosted our Get Ready Day inviting the community to our shed to help prepare for the upcoming season.

and, yes, the famous snag was also back on  28th November! Gundaroo Fire Brigade Members were sausage sizzling at Belconnen Bunnings that Sunday.  A big thank you to fire brigade members who volunteered their time at these events. We also thank Bunnings for supporting our fundraising efforts and everyone who came along.

How can you donate?

A donation of $50 per family to Gundaroo Rural Fire Brigade is tax deductible.

Direct transfer: Gundaroo Rural Fire Brigade        BSB: 032746      Account No: 015969

Please put ‘Donation’ as the reference to help our Brigade Treasurer, Alex Hanner

If you would like a receipt just email us.

Key Contact

President: Lawrie Willett

Captain: Michael Cliff

Secretary: Ali Coles


Other Contact Info

Emergency?: Ring OOO