Old Saint Luke’s Studio and Gallery

Important Notice

Business Description

The pottery at the old Saint Luke’s Church is the studio of renowned potters, Ian Jones and Moraig McKenna.

Situated in an historic stone building constructed in 1848 as a church and school, the pottery is just a few kilometres south of Gundaroo (in fact, its location is the original survey site identified for the village of Gundaroo). The gallery displays the wonderful wood-fired ceramics of Ian and Moraig, fired in a 9 metre long “anagama” style wood-fired kiln.

The kiln is fired three times per year, each firing lasting for 5 days. Twice each year the firings are followed by a garden exhibition in which the new work is presented.

Key Contact

Ian Jones and Moraig McKenna

Other Contact Info

Visitors are welcome to visit the gallery when the signs are out, or by appointment  0413 301918