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Still playing socially 160 years on…


Gundaroo played its first cricket game on August 30 1859 against Ginninderra at the Gundaroo park after being challenged. At that time, well before the ACT existed, it took four hours for the Gunninderra team, with wives and friends, to comes across by bullock drays on dirt tracks to get to the venue.

Gundaroo lost terribly to Ginninderra, but it was still a fun day. The Gundaroo postmaster, as reported in the Yass Tribune at the time, lamented that their team were unmanned as they originally thought it was going to be played the following week and the Gundaroovians were caught off guard.  Also several off them were actually away off harvesting.

130 years later in 1989, the Sutton and District Cricket Association reported in the Queanbeyan Age that the same two teams met again in the final of that year.  The scorer for the match, Jed Johnson, was taking notes in the tent and talking to the Gundaroo postmaster, Ron Miller.  Gundaroo were losing terribly and Ron remarked to Jed that their main wicket keeper, Peter Dyce, couldn’t make it as he was hay carting…and then Ron said – “and you know we thought this was next week so quite a few of the key team players were not able to come”.    History does repeat itself!

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